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Influencer Marketing

We offer white-glove influencer marketing services that unite brands with respected voices and digital audiences that believe in them to achieve business goals. Our experienced team is ready to guide you and your brand through the process of influencer marketing. Here are some of the influencer marketing services we have;

  • Influencer casting and placement

Already have a strategy and execution team in place? Our exclusive database, combined with sourcing methodology and validation processes, ensure best-in-class talent for your project with a focus on their respective audiences and your objectives.

  • Event on-site engagement support

Whether posting to mass Twitter audiences from an event or streaming live from a premiere party or your online webinar or product launch, there’s no better way to engage your target market than with on-site influencers to share live updates with your potential audience who turn out to be their followers.

  • All-inclusive content strategy

High-octane campaigns require fully customized, creative strategies. We manage every step of the process with your goals and objectives as the driving force behind everything we do and our engagement with influencers.

  • Ongoing User Generated Content (UGC) creation and promotion

Strengthen your brand’s reputation online through ongoing creative exposure by influencers. User-generated content provides credible word-of-mouth recommendations that consumers respond to. In fact, 60% of consumers say user-generated content is the most authentic form of content. According to one study, 90% of shoppers report that UGC influences their decisions to make purchases. Work with our team to originate and manage long-term UGC strategies content distribution and retargeting plans.

To create a successful campaign, we follow some predefined steps that help us define your KPI’s and your audience. Once we have set your target audience, we determine influencers that can be worked with to achieve your objectives. Below is a step-by-step description of your next influencer campaign with Boqwana Media;

Defining Your Objectives

As a first step, we define your KPIs to set clear goals for your influencer marketing campaign and the concluding success measurement

Defining your target audience

The next step is to define the demographics and geographic area of your target group to help us choose the right influencers.

Planning your campaign strategy.

We then prepare a campaign strategy for your brand, taking into account your corporate identity, active campaigns and your goals.

Selecting influencers.

From our database of registered influencers, we find suitable influencers that can best introduce and promote your product or service to viewers (their audience).

Creating promotions.

Our influencers create creative ad campaigns for your product on your social media channel of choice, they engage and share feedback from the target audience.

Content Approval

In close cooperation with influencers, we ensure that the campaign is implemented as planned with consideration to your brand, values, tone, authenticity and creativity.

Campaign reporting

We provide a detailed report on the completed campaign, in which we review the process and the successes achieved, considering previously set KPIs.

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