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Rotary Uganda

Case Study


The Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA) is a leadership program coordinated by Rotary Clubs around the globe. Each year, thousands of young people participate in this program. Young people ages 18–29 are sponsored by Rotary Clubs to attend the event run by the District Youth Service Committee – D9211. Participants are chosen for their leadership and business potential in their communities with Rotary Clubs and the Rotary District covering all expenses for the participants. The format of the event commonly takes the form of a seminar, camp, or workshop to discuss leadership skills and to learn those skills through practice. The District Youth Service Committee selects participants to facilitate the event’s curriculum.

  • Campaign: #Ryla19
  • Brand: Rotary Youth Leadership Awards
  • Client: Rotary Uganda
  • Duration: 2 Days
  • Scope Of Work: Content Creation, Social Media Management, Event Coverage.
  • Performance: 817,013 Impressions
  • Platforms: Facebook And Twitter
  • Handle: @Rctyouthservic
  • Online Pr Value Generated: $1,296